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Business Financial Consulting provides compact & heavy equipment financing solutions for new & existing business owners with good or bad credit. We're able to finance up to 60M for qualified business owners in as little as 2 weeks and up to $500,000 in  as little as 2-3 business days. Whether you are looking for the #1 commercial equipment financing solution, or the best business loan to boost your cash flow, BFC will always be your most trusted source for smart business lending solutions. We've helped thousands of construction businesses finance new and used excavators, backhoes, skid steer loaders, track dozers, wheel loaders, heavy cranes, asphalt pavers, directional drills, forklifts, cold planers, brush chippers, stump grinders, telescopic handlers, dump trucks, concrete compactors & more heavy equipment in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Destin, Jacksonville, Pensacola Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Ocala, Doral, Aventura, Fort Myers, Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, Florida & The US. 

Business Financial Consulting is Commercial Bank Located In Miami, Florida, specialized in providing the most affordable, reliable & flexible commercial equipment financing & business financing solutions in Florida & The US. BFC has helped thousands of business owners across the US through our finger-print like enterprise solution for corporations in low or high risk markets for with little or no credit. During a regular business life cycle, a business will experience expansion phases, as well as contraction phases. Business Financial Consulting helps you save money during your expansion phases and increase sales during the contraction phases. Our merchant services will save your business money for day to day normal activities as well as serious business investments. BFC reviews active loan balances, terms, and determine if you could qualify for a lower payment among other perks. Every business owner has a different story, which is why we do not have a "cookie-cutter" approach, instead we provide "outside the box" business solutions. Most people will need to purchase used or new equipment, and unlike most companies out there, we are able to work with each type of equipment purchase. Equipment financing with bad credit can be dangerous if you are not careful or working with a solid equipment finance company that has a customized financial plan for your business. It's good to know that BFC is able to approve your small business, regardless if you are in Construction, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrician, Farming, Dump Truck, Logistics, Asphalt & Concrete Paving, Mining, Fracking, Drilling or any other industry. It's crucial to make sure that you are working with a direct capital source for equipment financing such as BFC that will work with your business despite times of economic uncertainty.

Approved Industries We Finance

Success is a big part of our company culture, and we strive to achieve it not just for our valued staff members, but for our clients as well. We've helped thousands of business owners build their dreams to unimaginable heights. Every staff member at Business Financial Consulting is fully trained and capable of guiding you towards the path of economic stability and financial success. BFC is known for turning 1 shop start ups into nation-wide franchises due to our immense commitment for your business to grow, for that and many more reasons, BFC is known as the best equipment financing for startups and existing businesses in the cities of Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Destin, Doral, Kendall, Ocala, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, St, Petersburg, Panama City, Daytona Beach, Sarasota, Gainesville, Clearwater, Panama City Beach, Ormond Beach, Port. St. Lucie,  Pensacola Beach, Bradenton, Melbourne, Fort Walton Beach, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Coral Gables, Pembroke Pines, Palm Bay, Deltona, North Miami,  Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, Fort Myers, Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Okeechobee, Florida & The US. BFC's largest footprint will be found within the following counties in Florida:

BFC Rental Services Footprint by County in Florida: Pinellas, Broward, Hillsborough, Pasco, Miami-Dade, Polk, Palm Beach, Collier, Duval, Sumter, Osceola, Brevard, Wakulla, Clay, Escambia, Okaloosa, Volusia, Hernando, Walton, DeSoto, Columbia, St. Lucie, Glades, Indian River, Alachua, Flagler, Hendry, Martin, Gilchrist, Bay, Sarasota, Leon, Citrus, Monroe, Okeechobee, Orange, Highlands, Lake, Bradford, Charlotte, Lee & Gulf.

Our mission is to provide access to commercial equipment financing & business loan solutions to business owners across in Florida & US with good and bad credit. Our unbeatable & smart business solutions will keep your business ahead of the curve 10/10 times. BFC has a secure and privately encrypted online loan application through our Funding Portal®. 

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Investing in your company through tangible assets is the best route to take when expanding or starting out. Our BFC Equipment Loans® are the most competitive in the industry, and provide maximum flexibility for your specific business needs. Through our Secured Lending Division for Equipment Financing and Leasing you will find extensive background and knowledge on how to position your small business to grow to new levels. BFC has always been known as the experts for Commercial Equipment Financing and Leasing Solutions. Our BFC Equipment Loan or Equipment Lease  always matches your specific business credit and financial scenario, this guarantees you will never overpay with BFC. From a financial perspective, our BFC Equipment Financing® solutions provide organic growth to your company through several business incentives including tax deductions. Our equipment lending solutions comes to the rescue with the most flexible terms seen in the industry for new business and start ups with little to no credit.  As your company grows and takes on more projects, you will find that your expenses will grow accordingly. Most business owners have no clue when or how to start when applying for a commercial equipment loan or small business loan, don't worry, BFC will be there you every step of the way. When it comes to heavy equipment financing and leasing, make sure that your equipment financing company has experience with similar equipment purchases. BFC is able to approve new and existing businesses for our commercial equipment financing and business equipment loan that are looking to finance new or used equipment for  who work in Plumbing, Construction, HVAC, Asphalt and Concrete Paving, Forestry & Logging, Tree Trimming, Mining, Drilling, Wheel Excavator, Dump Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Brush Chipper, Stump Grinder, Track Dozer, Wheel Dozers,  Skidders, Track Loaders, Directional Drills, Bobcat Loader, Skid Steer Loader, Articulated Wheel Loader, Cold Planers, Concrete Compactors, Crawlers, Backhoe Excavators, Backhoe Loaders, Material Handlers, Forklifts, Soil Compactors, Land Compactors, Pneumatic Rollers, Single Roller Compactors, Double Drum Compactor, Bull-Dozers, Cranes, Tele-handlers, Septic Trucks, Concrete Trucks, Logging trucks, Vacuum Trucks & More. Our list of approved industries includes all of the industries we are able to finance in Miami, Florida & The US. We've helped thousands start or grow their business, and we would like to do the same for you.  In 2018 alone,  80-90% of businesses in the US economy leased their equipment, regardless of economic turndown, leasing and financing will always be the best option to take advantage of lower up front cost for your operational expenses. BFC's toolbox consists of the best & most affordable, reliable & flexible commercial equipment financing and business financing solutions for all of the major purchases your business will incur. Most businesses will not be aware of the full potential they could reach, and much less, of the total savings and benefits, simply by working with Business Financial Consulting

Business Financing & Loan Services Offered(Time in business, credit score, financials, among other variables can impact your eligibility for these services):

List of Industry Sectors & Equipment BFC has been providing small business loans, commercial equipment financing & leasing & commercial factoring below:

BFC's Approved Industries We Finance

BFC's Approved Equipment We Finance

Our maximum approval of 60M is for qualified business owners that fall into a specific financial profile, most businesses owners, will have an approval limit of $10,000 to $500,000. There is a constant need for businesses to count with the newest, cost effective and highest performing equipment, don't be left out due to lack of capital. Don't forget to complete your application through BFC's Funding Portal®. 


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Business Financial Consulting does not require extensive documentation unlike most banks, and count with the most professional staff in the industry that guarantees a pleasant experience. Our  BFC Business Loan® is among the most competitive in the nation, with the most flexible payment options for all business owners, regardless of industry or time in business. We have financial planning available for new businesses, established businesses, and everything in between.  Our underwriter's have 50+ years of experience in the industry, and work just as hard as you do in order to provide you with sound financial solutions. We encourage you to apply for Our Award Winning Small Business Loan.  BFC can approve your business for any of the following commercial financing services:

List of industries BFC has been providing small business loans, commercial equipment financing & leasing & commercial factoring below:

Approved Industries We Finance

There is a constant need for businesses to count with the newest, cost effective and highest performing equipment, don't be left out due to lack of capital. Don't forget to complete your application through BFC's Funding Portal®.

It's no surprise BFC has been consistently voted as the "Most affordable, reliable & flexible commercial equipment financing & business loan solutions for good and bad credit business owners with little or no time in business", we look at things from a different perspective here at BFC. It's important to speak with one of our business financing & equipment loan specialists about your unique business situation in order to receive professional guidance on what is the best small business financing loan for your startup or existing business. BFC's qualified team of financial underwriters will make sure that your business will always receive the lowest cost for your small business financing loan or commercial equipment financing solution.  Growing your business requires solid partnerships in more than 1 area, which is why BFC has several departments that provide a unique insight on the mechanisms that will potentially reduce your expenses across the board, regardless of your trade industry and time in business. Our BFC Business Loan® is bringing flexibility back into the world of business financing, our terms and structure guarantee that business owners are never overpaying. Many times, business owners will ask themselves, how to apply for a small business loan in Miami, Florida or The US? The answer is simple, visit our Funding Portal® to get started and one of our finance specialists will reach out to you shortly. BFC can't change the decisions in the past that negatively impacted your credit, but we can work with you on overcoming those markers in an effort to re-establish lending confidence for your business. Don't forget to complete your application through BFC's Funding Portal®. 

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