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The #1 Payment Technology Solution that actually saves you business time and money. We've helped thousands of customers In Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Doral, Fort Myers, Florida & The US.

Business Financial Consulting has 45+ years of commercial underwriting knowledge that is passed on to you. Our business financing & payment technologies solutions allow current and new customers to take matters into their own hands. Regardless, if you are looking for a small business loan or commercial equipment financing, BFC is your most trusted business partner. Due to our personalized and unique approach, we will paint a detailed financial picture and discuss your credit availability to such depths that no other company can match. We have a clear understanding of where your business need to be, in order for you to qualify for all of your short & long term business goals. No matter how small or large the project, rest assured, Business Financial Consulting has your back. 

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Our Merchant Services Solution can help your business, regardless of your industry

- Restaurant Payment Processor

- Retail Payment Processor

- Online Payment Processor

- High Ticket Size Payment Processor

- Services Payment Processor

- High Risk Payment Processor


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Below are industries that an take advantage of our credit enhancement program for lower rates:

  • Commercial Construction Business Equipment Loans

  • Transportation Commercial Enterprise Loans

  • Food Processing Commercial  Business Loans

  • Commercial Restaurant Enterprise Loans

  • Security Systems Commercial Business Loans

  • Product Manufacturing Commercial Enterprise Loans

  • Commercial Food Processing Business Loans

  • Printing and Graphics Commercial Enterprise Loans

  • Commercial Garment and Textiles Business Loans

  • Farming Commercial Enterprise Loans

  • Agriculture Commercial Business Loans

  • Commercial Seasonal Enterprise Loans

  • Commercial Electronics Business Loans (TV's, Projectors)

  • Furniture Commercial Business Loans

  • and much more..