Asphalt & Concrete Equipment Financing & Business Loans 

BFC has been closing the gap that traditional banks created between business owners and financial assistance. We allow thousands of hard working business owners to decrease their business, equipment, or real estate financing costs all in one.  In times of success or failure, having an accurate description of your financial options is crucial for measuring your costs of goods sold, manufactured & expansion costs. 


Business Financial Consulting is Commercial Bank Located In Miami, Florida, specialized in financial credits Including corporate loans, equipment loans, and commercial real estate financing options up to 60M. We've been empowering business enterprise development since the early 2000's In Florida & the US. BFC has finger-print like enterprise financing loan options for corporations in low and high risk markets including businesses with little or no company credit. Unlike your local bank, we tend to look into the future more than we look into the past. Say goodbye to long lines at the bank, and say hello to the future of financing. 

The #1 Asphalt & Concrete Heavy Equipment Financing Source In Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, Doral, Florida & The US.

Business Financial Consulting provides affordable, flexible & reliable commercial equipment financing solutions for start ups & existing asphalt & concrete contractors with good or bad credit. We're able to finance up to 60M for qualified business owners in as little as 2 weeks, and up to $500,000 in  as little as 2-3 business days with same day funding options available. Whether you are looking for the top asphalt & concrete equipment financing solution for your business, or the best asphalt equipment business loan, BFC will always be your most trusted source for all of your compact & heavy equipment financing needs. We've helped thousands of construction, asphalt, roofing, logging, forestry, plumbing, landscaping, excavating & more types of businesses finance used & new excavators, backhoes, bobcat loaders, track dozers, wheel loaders, brush chippers, wood mulchers, asphalt pavers, cold planers, dump trucks, cranes & other heavy equipment. Our nation-wide equipment financing program allows you to purchase equipment from any vendor or private seller in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Destin, Jacksonville, Pensacola Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Ocala, Doral, Aventura, Fort Myers, Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, Florida & The US. 

There is much opportunity in the asphalt & concrete space due to increased investment through infrastructure development. The industry continues to expand in places such as Florida, Texas, Georgia, California, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and many other states. It’s the question everybody asks, what is the best equipment loan or business loan for an asphalt & concrete contractor in Florida, Texas & The US ? Business Financial Consulting provides the best equipment loan or business loan in Florida, Texas and across the United States of America. BFC has a long history of providing general contractors and specialized sub contractors within the asphalt &. concrete industry  innovative business financial solutions that make sense. Most companies in concrete & asphalt need commercial reliable equipment financing and business financing solutions to continue to expand their work-zone footprint. Most businesses will not make it in the Asphalt & Concrete industry without some sort of capital assistance due to high up-front costs when taking on any project, along with a lack of equipment to perform the work. BFC stands with you when looking at the big picture and understands that your business needs to be operating at all times with all of the equipment needed to complete your operations at the lowest cost available to you.

Asphalt & concrete business contractors have a great opportunity to enter the construction development market, since it will have expected market growth rates for the next 25 years according to general market forecasts. Residential and commercial construction projects have increased around the southeast region of the US in key states such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, Idaho, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, Oregon, Ohio and every other state across The United States. For years, Business Financial Consulting “BFC” has been helping small businesses in several industries attain access to financing despite their previous credit or financial history. Concrete & Asphalt business contractors are experiencing a boom in sales due to the high demand of asphalt & concrete services. BFC specializes in the trade of project financing for contractors nationwide.