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BFC has been closing the gap that traditional banks created between business owners and financial assistance. We allow thousands of hard working business owners to decrease their business, equipment, or real estate financing costs all in one.  In times of success or failure, having an accurate description of your financial options is crucial for measuring your costs of goods sold, manufactured & expansion costs. 


Business Financial Consulting is Commercial Bank Located In Miami, Florida, specialized in financial credits Including corporate loans, equipment loans, and commercial real estate financing options up to 60M. We've been empowering business enterprise development since the early 2000's In Florida & the US. BFC has finger-print like enterprise financing loan options for corporations in low and high risk markets including businesses with little or no company credit. Unlike your local bank, we tend to look into the future more than we look into the past. Say goodbye to long lines at the bank, and say hello to the future of financing. 

The #1 Law Office Equipment Financing Source In Miami, Orlando, Doral, Florida & The US.

Business Financial Consulting provides affordable, flexible & reliable commercial equipment financing solutions for start ups & existing law office practitioners with good or bad credit. We're able to finance up to 60M for qualified business owners in as little as 2 weeks, and up to $500,000 in  as little as 2-3 business days with same day funding options available. Whether you are looking for the top law practice equipment financing solution for your business, or the best law office business loan, BFC will always be your most trusted source for all of your compact & heavy equipment financing needs. We've helped thousands of construction, asphalt, roofing, logging, forestry, plumbing, landscaping, excavating & many other types of businesses finance used & new excavators, backhoes, bobcat loaders, track dozers, wheel loaders, brush chippers, wood mulchers, asphalt pavers, cold planers, dump trucks, cranes & other heavy equipment. Our nation-wide equipment financing program allows you to purchase equipment from any vendor or private seller in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Destin, Jacksonville, Pensacola Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Ocala, Doral, Aventura, Fort Myers, Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, Florida & The US. 

The business of running a law office has evolved recently along with technology like any other industry. Many of these changes will bring plenty of business opportunities, which can be a challenge for smaller law offices with limited personnel. Some law offices have turned to finding new billable revenue streams within the same practice. This requires innovation and investment to guarantee the success of your business. Most law offices need to have reliable data services along with artificial intelligence to stay up to date with the market. In the US, the majority of legal firms consist of small businesses. According to the most recent report by the ABA (American Bar Association), there is a high number of small legal firms that make up the entire legal system market. This means that competition is alive among the industry, and investing in this market would have high rewards if your business can market itself accordingly, we will discuss the marketing aspect of law offices shorty below. Small law offices must have access to financing in order to stay competitive with their industry. BFC has been the choice for smart business owners when it comes down to the most competitive small business loans, commercial equipment loans, real estate loans, and point of sale systems. Regardless if you are looking to invest in technology, marketing, or hiring for a big case, BFC is here to help your business.

The Supply and Demand of Economics of Law Offices

Attorneys across the US have moved from a billable hour model into an alternative billing model that provides their business more flexibility along with more affordable ways to attract prospects. The market is shifting towards that lane, and many attorneys are adjusting to stay safe during this business transition. General business practices for law offices have been impacted and forced to find new ways to attract business. Unlike most financial institutions, BFC provides flexible financing options for law offices without discrimination towards any specific law practice. This sharp turn in the legal practice industry requires lawyers to streamline a process that is currently changing, this volatility can bring many unseen expenses. Don’t worry, Business Financial Consulting specializes in providing stability during moments of uncertainty. During tough financial times, BFC has always been leading the business financing industry due to their unique structure and financing terms for business owners.

Operating your law office will require significant investment expenses including labor, office rent, researching expenses, marketing expenses, along many other business expenses. Sometimes attorneys have to cover out of pocket expenses such as court filing fees, due to the customer not having the funds with them at the time. Any smart attorney, would not want to lose a customer over a small incident like this, which can happen to anyone in their practice. Lawyers who specialize in one field will generally understand where they stand when it comes to expenses incurred from taking on a new client.

For any law firm, insurance will be a big part of their monthly expense list. Some cases might require additional investigation, labor, and other expenses that you might have not seen and you would rather be safe than sorry. Most law offices will receive a discount for purchasing insurance for longer terms, which can save your business millions in a misrepresentation lawsuit. If your law office needs to fill in a slow season with some direct marketing, make sure to contact BFC to help your business receive the most affordable business loan in the industry. We understand that you might have to cover upfront costs for a strong case, pay rent, cover payroll and more. Contact one of our agents and find our why thousands of law firms in Miami, Florida and the US are working with Business Financial Consulting.

Technology In The Law Industry

Technology has changed how every business operates, generates leads, and completes market domination. This trend seems to be compounding by the day, and having tech-estate is crucial for any company. New innovations within business process in the law practice industry allow small businesses including law offices to invest in long term marketing campaigns that usually only larger law firms could afford. BFC has been a critical player in the financial arena when it comes to helping small business owners compete with large corporations.

Businesses such as law offices are using electronic contracts, billing, documentation storage and other tech related processes. Previously, every other law firm used to do this by hand and paper. The creation of this technology requires training and investment. Picking the right software can be a hard decision, but this business decision can either “make or break” your law office corporation. A cheap software can be expensive in many other ways such as efficiency, being practical, synchronization with other applications, price, and many other factors. BFC is able to finance software and general operational expenses with our small business loans, commercial real estate financing, equipment loans, or payment solutions. BFC has proven itself to be the leader in business financial services for small and large businesses.

Virtual law offices provide a more cost effective solutions for lawyers who do not have a physical office, or simply have a different structure in their business and/or corporation. Several private conference calls and video communications tools enable them to communicate privately with each customer. Many business owners are looking for less expensive ways to operate their business, contributing to the high increase in technological services in the law industry.

Several law offices are beginning to hire their own IT expert in order to properly analyze the data and be able to screen lawsuit applications and focus on the cases they believe they have a higher chance of winning. Business owners are always looking for smarter ways to generate business, and BFC never falls short of the challenge. Most of this relies on analytics and forecasts that would consists of different unique variables to each law practice.

BFC is empathetic to the importance of your business needs wether its to have all of your data and operations systems in place or hiring someone to do this for you. We provide small business loans for small law offices in Miami, Florida and the US. Our unique business underwriting structure and financing terms have taken small companies into large corporations.

Office Expenses For Law Offices

Just like any other business, law offices will have to incur general business expenses such as commercial equipment, business supplies, and business technologies that will increase overall processes and systems. Expenses can be for any of the following:

  • Communication

  • Equipment

  • Software Equipment

  • Printing Equipment

  • Photocopy Equipment

  • Scanning Equipment

  • Office Furniture

Small law offices will usually limit the size of their work force, however, this means that the owner could get tied up answering phones, inputting data in the system, paying bills, calling IT to fix phone or handling email issues. Temporary hiring or permanent hiring can be the solution for your business, as long as you are able to delegate the right tasks and stay focused.

Legal research can become expensive, and mostly time consuming for any legal researcher. This can be outsourced to another third party business, however this does not decrease the research time cycle only open time for other tasks to be completed with your current staff.

It’s crucial for any law firm to work with a financing company that is reliable and fast like Business Financial Consulting. If your business is currently in expansion and you are in need of working capital for payroll, marketing expenses, research expenses, or legal fees, BFC is ready to help your business grow.

How To Do Sales & Marketing For Your Law Office

Business such as law offices will usually be specialized, which will help them understand who their customer market is. The American Bar Association advises for law office business owners to specialize and market to one business area of sector.

It’s best to hire a business marketing expert who understands the internet space in your field. There are many ways to reach out to your potential customers, and you could be missing out on potential customers every day. Your reputation is the only thing you have in the legal field as the experts say. Every marketing agency will suggest how hiring the right marketing business to run your media operations will either make or break your business. Legal marketing firms will usually specialize in their field and for the most part will not be cheap, this is due to the specialized knowledge they carry from working in that specific internet field. Trying to understanding the search engine internet analytical processes ranking world works can sometimes be a never ending nightmare to master. It’s highly recommended for most specialized business owners to hire a marketing company that has experience in their field and can translate that into higher sales and exposure for them. The time and money factor can be dangerously high for any business to incur since this will deviate your experts from their craft. Business Financial Consulting is able to provide the most competitive commercial business loans, real estate financing options and payment solutions for law offices in Miami, Florida and the US. At BFC, your passion is our drive.


The Bottom Line for Your Law Office

BFC has been providing small business loans to law offices during its inception, and will continue to do so. We understand the importance of getting the job done when looking at the big picture, that is why BFC has the most flexible payment options for business owners. Let us help your business today. Every great law office has a great law team, and with the right business partner, nothing can stop your business. Most law offices will use loan proceeds for business equipment, payroll, outsourcing, or general expenses.

Unlike every other financing service provider, BFC has a uniquely structured loan that is tied with your specific financial situation. Our unique customer service and relation managers will always be available to guide your business in the right direction. Our business loan ranges from $10,000 up to $500,000 with an easy application process of only 2 business days. If your business requires above $500,000 the application process will take up to 2 weeks for qualified candidates. Let us help you build your dreams. Say hello to the future of business financing with Business Financial Consulting, “ Your Most Trusted Business Partner”.

Move your business to the next level with Business Financial Consulting and our experienced staff of loan officers. Our law office business & equipment loans have helped thousands of law office business owners across the US maintain and exceed consumer demands, in many industries. BFC can approve commercial equipment transactions for businesses for up to 60M for established and well qualified buyers across Florida and the US. We have been working with law practicing business owners since our inception as a company, and will continue to do so. Once you have found the right equipment for your business,  our job is to provide your business with a competitive Law Office Business Loan or  Law Office Equipment Loan.

BFC has been empowering small businesses across the US through more than our famously acclaimed BFC commercial equipment financing & small business solutions. Every business is different, however, our team of specialized financial engineers guarantee your business will receive a one of a kind experience when working with BFC.

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