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Response To FAQ's

We would love to hear from you! If you have additional questions please redirect them to our customer support team via email at 

BFC has been empowering small businesses across the US through more than our famously acclaimed BFC commercial equipment financing & small business solutions. Every business is different, however, our team of specialized financial engineers guarantee your business will receive a one of a kind experience when working with BFC.

Business Financing & Loan Services (Time in business, credit score, financials, among other variables can impact your eligibility for these services):


List of industries BFC has been providing small business loans, commercial equipment financing & leasing, real estate financing & commercial factoring below:

Approved Industries We Finance

Should I apply for a business loan or for a commercial equipment loan? And What are the pros and cons?

Our Equipment Loans and Business loans both have advantages to them. Business Financial Consulting will make a financial risk assessment to determine total financial credit availability for an equipment loan or a business loan. Business loans can extend up to 5 years for well qualified clients, however no business should plan to stay in debt for longer than 1-2 years for a quick investment, unless the project ROI coincides with the number of years you will be paying the equipment or loan off. Depending on the type of loan, collateral could be required within the purchase. 

How should I purchase business equipment ? Should I apply for a commercial equipment loan or a small business loan for my construction company?

Business Financial Consulting set itself aside due to always providing the smartest financing method for your transaction. Depending on the ROI and other critical factors of the investment, we would advise to collateralize the purchase if it's long term, with a fixed rate lock option. If the factors point the other way, we would advise to shorten the term and maximize profits with a lower payback. Our business loans are competitive and work better than a traditional bank loan, in the sense that you don't need to wait to re-pay the loan to ask for more funds.

Does BFC approve and finance Start-Ups & New businesses ?

Yes, depending on the financials, credit and their particular situation. Unlike your traditional bank, we will not require 3 years of personal and business tax returns, debt to income ratio's, and all of the other requirements they do. 37% of our loan portfolio consists of start-Ups. BFC is a great solution for small business owners who would be considered "start up's" and "new businesses". Our commercial financing solutions are aimed towards business owners who are not only challenged through time in business, but also with no past history.

How much can my business get approved for if we want to apply for a business loan, equipment financing & loan and real estate financing ?

That will depend 100% on your personal credit profile. However out maximum funding amount for established businesses is 60M. We are able to work with small businesses that need as little as 10k, however that is dependable on your specific scenario. 

How Much Will This Loan Cost Me ? 

That will depend on your financial statements, credit report, time in business, among many other factors. We have rates starting at 6% for our business loans and commercial equipment loans, however our product is fully tax deductible, therefore the true cost is one aspect of it. We empower your business to be able to act on all of the opportunities your business would genuinely benefit from. Missing out on a great business opportunity, could end up costing you your business in the long run. It's very important to note, If you are not actively investing in new ways to grow your business, your competition will be, and you don't want to stay behind. Working with the right company can either make of break your business goals. Our full array of services provides a full business consultation that will guide your business towards economic success and financial security. 

Will My Payment Change ?

No. Payments will remain the same despite changes in your credit score. That's right, unlike traditional banks that can keep on charging you forever with changing payments & rates, we take the stress & confusion our of the process for your convenience with a fixed payment & no rate changes, ever.

Do You Have Customer Loyalty Programs ? 

Yes we do. Offers are always improving, therefore, ask us about our most updated promotion!

Can You Work With My business even if I have a bankruptcy ? Tax liens ? 

Yes. We can approve any file regardless of bankruptcy status. We would have to do a deeper consultation with the client, however, we have several options for customers who have experienced financial distress. The only reason your business would be  automatically disqualified ,is if you have failed to make child support payments, regardless of your wages being garnished by the IRS or not. 

Can You Help Me Finance Equipment And Get Approved For A Loan To Invest In Some Expenses ?

Yes. We require a business consultation to fully understand your short-term and long-term goals, estimate cost of investment(s), ROI analysis and a few more internal processes before we provide you with a truly customized business solution. 

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