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Business Financial Consulting provides affordable, reliable & flexible commercial equipment financing solutions for new & existing business owners with good or bad credit. We're able to finance all types of dump trucks up to 60M for qualified business owners in as little as 2 weeks and up to $500,000 in  as little as 2-3 business days. Whether you are looking for the #1 dump truck equipment financing solution, or the best dump truck business loan to boost your cash flow, BFC will always be your most trusted source for smart business lending solutions. We've helped thousands of dump truck businesses finance new and used Mack, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, International & Ford dump trucks in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Destin, Jacksonville, Pensacola Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Ocala, Doral, Aventura, Fort Myers, Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, Florida & The US. 

Through our consultative approach, we are able to uncover your truck equipment financing needs and place your business on the right path. We incorporate proven financial analysis into every file, and provide a recommendation based on your specific financial and credit scenario. Taking on new  dump truck projects can cut into your margins due to the size and costs associated with labor, materials and payroll. Our commercial truck equipment financing solution is a great option for the transportation industry such as dump truck, semi trucks, box trucks, cargo delivery trucks, tractor trucks, cement trucks,, logging trucks and much more. Avoid finding yourself with too much work and not enough equipment. Finding the right commercial dump truck equipment loan or leasing solutions can be a nightmare, let BFC take care of the job while you focus on performing quality work. We are able to work with all sorts of businesses regardless of temporary fluctuation of monthly sales including small owner operators & fleet business owners. Business Financial Consulting has strong relationships within the dump truck  equipment sectors due to consistently providing outstanding and quality service to all of our customers and vendors. Commercial trucks within the transportation industry play a critical role in any developing economy, due to the versatility of industries in which they can be applied. BFC is recognized as the "smart choice" for business owners when financing construction or transportation equipment. BFC has a secure and privately encrypted loan application through our Funding Portal®. 

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BFC's Commercial truck equipment financing and leasing division is certified to sell used and new, dump trucks, cement trucks, cargo vans, box trucks, delivery trucks & more.

BFC's Commercial Truck Financing Guide

Examples Of Commercial  Dump Truck Equipment Financing & Business Loan Options

Allowed Truck Brands

Allowed Type of Trucks

  • International Dump Truck Loan

  • Mack Dump Truck Financing

  • Freightliner Dump Truck Financing 

  • Peterbilt Dump Truck Financing 

  • Kenworth Dump Truck Financing

  • Mahindra Dump Truck Financing

  • GMC Dump Truck Financing

  • CATERPILLAR Dump Truck Financing

  • PACCAR Dump Truck Financing

  • Ford Dump Truck Financing

  • Volvo Dump Truck Financing

  • Chevy Dump Truck Financing

  • Truck and Pup Dump Truck Loans

  • Super Dump Truck Loans

  • Semi Trailer Dump Truck Loans

  • Double Trailer Loans

  • Triple Trailer Dump Truck Loans

  • Side Dump Truck Loans

  • Winter Service Truck Loans

  • Roll-Off Trucks Loans

  • Off-Highway Dump Trucks Loans

  • Haul Dump Truck Loans

  • Articulate Dump Truck Loans

  • Grapple Dump Truck

  • Concrete Mixer Truck


Business Financial Consulting is an industry leader when it comes to financing your next truck. Our unique approach to underwriting commercial dump trucks, cement trucks, garbage trucks, and more guarantees your business the most affordable commercial equipment financing and business equipment loan solution. You can rest assured that when it comes to product knowledge & industry insights guarantees your business will never overpay above the competition. Our passion for helping dump truck owner operators and fleet business owners in construction, logging, mining, drilling, asphalt, paving, and all of our approved industries as part of our national effort to provide the most reliable and affordable dump truck equipment financing and leasing solutions in the United States. Business Financial Consulting specializes in providing business owners with single digit rates on commercial truck financing purchases up to 60M. Our goal is  to enable hard working truck owner operators & truck fleet businesses with access to the most competitive commercial truck financing offers in Florida & the US. It's no secret that BFC is the top commercial dump truck & transportation equipment financing company, since we are truly specialized within the field & understand your business needs. Most commercial truck financing banks have no idea of the daily struggles your business will go through. BFC works closely with commercial dump truck manufacturers in order to provide valuable insight to our customers in the transportation & logistics industry. Our unique approach & expertise guarantee your business the most competitive  dump truck business loan or commercial dump truck equipment loan. Let BFC help your business reach financial stability. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and experience in construction, landscaping, mining, drilling, excavating, stump removal, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and many more industries, BFC has the fastest turnaround speed in the industry. Try our 2 minute quick and easy Funding Portal®

The reason why 90% of business owners and commercial retail stores lease their equipment is due to extremely low upfront costs when compared to outright purchasing or renting. The majority of these companies are large conglomerates and manufacturers that end up saving billions every year, but for the average business owners, every penny counts. Additionally, 100% of your payment is fully tax deductible, which you will be collection this coming tax season. Business Financial Consulting has earned the reputation as the "go-to" equipment finance company for commercial equipment finance sectors such as construction, roofing, mining, drilling, landscaping, agriculture, farming, logging, cement, freight, dump services & more.

BFC has been empowering small businesses across the US through more than our famously acclaimed BFC commercial equipment financing & small business solutions. Every business is different, however, our team of specialized financial engineers guarantee your business will receive a one of a kind experience when working with BFC.

Business Financing & Loan Services (Time in business, credit score, financials, among other variables can impact your eligibility for these services):


List of industries BFC has been providing small business loans, commercial equipment financing & leasing, real estate financing & commercial factoring below:

Approved Industries We Finance

Paying the full price for the right equipment is not always financially sound for most operating businesses. We will provide you with an Equipment Loan that aligns with your financial and credit history. 

Below are a few examples  of industries that could benefit from our Heavy Commercial Equipment Loans:

  • Commercial Dump Truck Equipment Financing & Loans

  • Transportation Commercial Equipment Loans

  • Commercial Food Truck Equipment Financing & Loans

  • Restaurant Delivery Truck Equipment Loans

  • Dump Truck Services Commercial Equipment Financing

  • Garbage Truck Contractor Equipment Financing

  • Winter Service Commercial Dump Truck Equipment Loans

  • Off Road Service Commercial Vehicle Equipment Financing & Loans

  • Commercial Car Hauler Truck Business Equipment Loans

  • Agricultural Commercial Tractor Truck Business Equipment Loans

  • Street Sweeper Truck Business Equipment Loans

  • Semi Dump Truck Business Equipment Loan

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