Heavy Commercial Equipment Financing

BFC has been closing the gap that traditional banks created between business owners and financial assistance. We allow thousands of hard working business owners to decrease their business, equipment, or real estate financing costs all in one.  In times of success or failure, having an accurate description of your financial options is crucial for measuring your costs of goods sold, manufactured & expansion costs. 


Business Financial Consulting is Commercial Bank Located In Miami, Florida, specialized in financial credits Including corporate loans, equipment loans, and commercial real estate financing options up to 60M. We've been empowering business enterprise development since the early 2000's In Florida & the US. BFC has finger-print like enterprise financing loan options for corporations in low and high risk markets including businesses with little or no company credit. Unlike your local bank, we tend to look into the future more than we look into the past. Say goodbye to long lines at the bank, and say hello to the future of financing. 

The #1 Electrical Contractor Equipment Financing Solution In Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, Doral, Florida & The US.

Business Financial Consulting provides affordable, flexible & reliable commercial equipment financing solutions for start ups & existing electrical contractors with good or bad credit. We're able to finance up to 60M for qualified business owners in as little as 2 weeks, and up to $500,000 in  as little as 2-3 business days with same day funding options available. Whether you are looking for the top electrician & communications equipment financing solution for your business, or the best electrical contractor business loan, BFC will always be your most trusted source for all of your compact & heavy equipment financing needs. We've helped thousands of construction, asphalt, roofing, logging, forestry, plumbing, landscaping, excavating & more types of businesses finance used & new excavators, backhoes, bobcat loaders, track dozers, wheel loaders, brush chippers, wood mulchers, asphalt pavers, cold planers, dump trucks, cranes & other heavy equipment. Our nation-wide equipment financing program allows you to purchase equipment from any vendor or private seller in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Destin, Jacksonville, Pensacola Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Ocala, Doral, Aventura, Fort Myers, Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, Florida & The US. 

Electrical contractors are the core of our communication and travel networks. All the way from installing telecommunications, to updating and maintaining our traffic signals and airport systems. Electrical contractors play an important role in any economy, especially in developing economies. Our mission at Business Financial Consulting is to provide innovative financial solutions to businesses within fast growing industries. Business Financial Consulting is here to help businesses achieve financial security within the fields of electrical contracting.

How to Create a Comprehensive Electrical Contracting Business Plan

The U.S Small Business Administration explains that a good business plan will guide you through different stages of managing your business. Therefore, no matter what you specialize in, it's very important to keep your business goals in mind. A well structured business plan will direct you down the paths needed to be crossed in order to achieve all of your business-related goals. Executive summary. Share your company’s mission statement and briefly talk about what it does, how it operates, and how it will achieve success.

  • Your company description. What solutions do you provide? Who is your customer? Why are you better than the competition?

  • Competitor analysis. Identify the competitors strengths, weaknesses and areas to where you will strive.

  • Full business structure. An organizational chart can help you implement this.

  • Product line. List all of your services

  • Marketing & Sales initiatives, programs, and maintenance activities of customer acquisition.

  • Total Required Financing For Project

Even though this will be a lot of work, creating an in-depth electrical contractor business plan will help your company's current status and its path to greater success.


Running an Electrical Contractor Business

If you are in the first stages of starting an electrical contractor business, you should expect you can expect equipment related costs to pile up, as well as installation equipment and a method of transportation. The amount of the above mentioned, will depend on the type of service/product you offer. If you run a more established business, some of these costs will be recurring, as is the case with raw materials. Some equipment will have to be updated or replaced due to regular tear and wear, as well as repairs, therefore you should consider these costs. Among general costs of starting a business in these fields, you might need to add any licenses you might need in order to fully operate. Every state is different, therefore please make sure you check with local state laws and policies, in order to make sure you pay for what you actually need. Additionally, there are insurance costs, permits, and the expense of either building a structure, permits, etc.

Commercial Equipment Financing & Electrician Business Loans For Electrical Contractors

BFC has the most affordable, reliable & flexible equipment financing & business loan solutions for electrical contractors in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Destin, Naples, Hialeah, Doral, Aventura, Florida & The US. Regardless of having bad or good credit, BFC will find a way o help your business grow. Our business loans are generally used towards any business expense including payroll, operating expenses, and much more

Our business lines of credit are revolving, therefore, you can use as soon as balance is re-paid. Credit limits are revolving, which means that your limit will grow as your company grows. These are a great tool for business office reparations, quick orders or unexpected expenses.


Equipment Loans and Leases are the core of our business, whenever it comes to financing a vocational van, trailer, or electrical tools, Business Financial Consulting continues to provide the most competitive pricing tiers and business incentives that will lead your business towards economic success. This type of financing is uniquely tailored to help businesses grow capital and be able to keep operating expenses as low as possible for their business, during slow or rapidly growing projects. This enables businesses to keep flexible loan payment options that align with your current financial scenario.

How to Use Your Commercial Business Loan or Commercial Equipment Financing Solution

The main questions that new small business owners have is about how they can use their business loan to the maximum. This answer will change for every business and what type of financing they are in. For example, with an equipment loan you will be able to replace and upgrade any business equipment, with a small business loan you will be able to purchase all of the material needed upfront along with permits and such. With that in mind, with Business Financial Consulting's funding options, you will be able to do the following


  • Payroll

  • Building Renovation & Expansion

  • New Vehicle Purchase

  • Upgrading or Replacing Equipment

  • Purchase of Materials

  • Permit & Licensing Costs

  • Any other business related expense

The Right Commercial Loan & Equipment Financing Solution For Your Electrical Contractor Business

With BFC as your business loan partner, you don't have to ask yourself how to run an electrical contractor company. We will guide your business through all of your financing options, as well as explaining the process thoroughly.


Below are a few industries within the same field that we provide financing for :

  • Cable television contractors

  • Communications equipment and wiring installers

  • General cable installers

  • Electrical wiring contractors

  • Fire and security system installers

  • Electric fence installers

  • Lighting system installers


If you are in any of these industries, give us a call and we will gladly walk you through the process of how to receive business financing for your electrical contracting business. We look forward to continue helping the electrical contracting industry and providing financing options for business owners and companies across Florida and the rest of the United States.

Move your business to the next level with Business Financial Consulting and our experienced staff of loan officers. Our commercial business loans, commercial equipment loans and commercial factoring services have helped thousands of electrical contractor business owners across the US maintain and exceed consumer demands, in many industries. Call us and start working on your dreams! Every electrical contractor business will have a different business environment, however you will need an equally diverse financial institution that will be able to work with your specific situation. BFC can approve commercial equipment transactions for businesses for up to 60M for established and well qualified buyers across Florida and the US within 2 weeks and up to $250,000 in as little as 2 business days. We have been working with electrical contractor business owners since our inception as a company, and will continue to do so. When deciding which type of commercial equipment you will need for your business, it's equally as important to you should have your own financing to be able to go anywhere you want to purchase the machine that will fit your business needs at the time of your equipment purchase. Once you find the right equipment for your business, our job is  to provide your business with a competitive Electrical Contractor Business Loan, Commercial Equipment Loan or Commercial Factoring

BFC has been empowering small businesses across the US through more than our famously acclaimed BFC commercial equipment financing & small business solutions. Every business is different, however, our team of specialized financial engineers guarantee your business will receive a one of a kind experience when working with BFC.

Business Financing & Loan Services (Time in business, credit score, financials, among other variables can impact your eligibility for these services):


List of industries BFC has been providing small business loans, commercial equipment financing & leasing, real estate financing & commercial factoring below:

Approved Industries We Finance

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo is an experienced commercial finance professional in the construction, logging, asphalt, mining & commercial lending industries.  Prior to BFC, Rodrigo worked as a loan officer at BB&T Corporation where he was recognized as a top performer for the nation-wide bank. Rodrigo is an alumnus of Louisiana State University and provided services as a member of the National Equipment Finance Association, National Association of Equipment Leasing & the American Bankers Association.

Are you ready to move forward ? Schedule a call and Rodrigo will contact you to get the ball rolling. With BFC, there are plenty of opportunities for your business that can't wait, let's get started.

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