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Beginners Guide to Finance & Lease New & Used Heavy & Construction Equipment With Good or Bad Credit

Commercial equipment financing can be hard if you are not working with the right heavy equipment financing company. This type of business financing allows small construction, logging & forestry, plumbing, HVAC, asphalt & concrete & many other industries purchase, lease or finance new & used equipment, regardless of having good or bad credit. BFC provides commercial equipment financing & business loan solutions up to $500,000 in as little as two business days & 60M in as little as two weeks. BFC enables business owners to save money by not having to purchase the equipment upfront, allowing them to invest in their business or simply keep higher reserves for other projects. Whenever it comes to finding the best commercial equipment finance companies in Florida or the US, your search stops with BFC. Rest assured, BFC is your most trusted business partner when it comes to providing small business equipment financing & leasing solutions for contractors with good or bad credit. Remember, next time you ask yourself, what is heavy equipment financing loans ? Make sure to contact the commercial lending professionals at BFC.

Can My Contracting Business Qualify For a Heavy Equipment Purchase Loan, Commercial Truck Financing or Working Capital Business Loans with Low Credit (FICO 550) ?

When most people talk about heavy duty equipment, what usually comes to mind is construction equipment or large equipment that is used for digging, excavating, grading, land clearing, real estate development or some heavy work task related to moving of dirt, asphalt & materials within a construction job site. Most types of heavy equipment used in construction industries will be dozers, bobcat loaders, excavators, backhoes, skid steer loaders, track loader, asphalt pavers, concrete compactors, heavy cranes, crawlers, draglines, direction drills, heavy mining excavators, logging & forestry, road pulverizers, tele-handlers.

Despite having the funds to pay for the heavy construction equipment you need, it's highly recommended that you go with BFC's Equipment Financing Solution. Having cash flow reserves is crucial for every business to stay afloat, especially within the construction industry. Most businesses owners will not always need to purchase heavy equipment with a loan or lease depending on the type of business they have. In the case of dump truck contractors, a good place to start would be. to look into BFC's commercial truck financing solutions & semi truck loans with bad credit. Make sure to apply for our award winning commercial equipment financing solution today.

Generally speaking, compact & heavy equipment financing is used to purchase equipment that will perform heavy duty tasks & cost above $10,000 or so. Construction & logging contractors know exactly how it feels to be around heavy equipment, since this will perform heavy duty operations in the construction job site. The obvious reasons for contractors to finance heavy equipment is due to the price tag construction equipment generally goes for, especially when you are looking for the right equipment. Without the right equipment, you will not be able to complete the job within the timeframe & budget that you had initially set. Having the right logging equipment helps finish projects before time, cut back on staffing expenses, decrease general equipment wear to keep value & lower your overall expenses. The result of doing quality work on time leads to satisfied customers, which leads to more contracts for your business. Make sure that you are working with an equipment financing company that provides business equipment loans that fit your specific contractor needs. We know it's not easy to get approved for most equipment financing loan options, but we will make sure that your business receives a fair shot. Everything from affordable equipment loans for beauty salons to finding the most affordable small business equipment loan in Florida, BFC has your back. You might be asking yourself, but what is the best option to finance or lease semi & dump trucks for business owners ? There is no need to worry, BFC is known for helping business owners of all backgrounds and industries stay ahead of the curve.

The ideal customer for heavy equipment financing would be construction or logging business owners who prefer to keep cash reserves instead of making a full payment for the cost of the equipment. Construction equipment can be somewhat expensive, which is why working with the right equipment financing will lead to lower costs in the long run.


New & Used Heavy Equipment Financing: How to Qualify for Heavy Construction Equipment Financing With Good or Bad Credit Anywhere In The US

Give our staff a call to make sure that your business qualifies. Just like every other type of business loans, heavy equipment financing is only for business owners who meet certain requirements. Regardless of your contractor business being new or having several years operating, BFC will help your business finance and lease used & new dozers, bobcat loaders, excavators, backhoes, skid steer loaders, track loader, asphalt pavers, concrete compactors, heavy cranes, crawlers, draglines, direction drills, heavy mining excavators, logging & forestry, road pulverizers, tele-handlers.

1. Credit - Having a FICO credit score above 635 and having in business for at least 2 years is always a great indicator, however this is not the case for every construction business.

2. Cash Flow - Assuming your credit is not the best, however, your cash flow revenue is high(compared to the cost of the equipment being financed), your business can qualify for construction equipment financing on the grounds of your cash inventory.

3. Down Payment - If you don't have perfect credit or great cash flow revenues, you might still be able to get approved based on your down payment. Fr example, if you are looking to finance heavy equipment worth $60,000 & you come in with $10,000, that could increase the chances of being approved for your equipment loan.


Compact & Heavy Equipment Purchasing: Leasing vs Financing For Start up & Existing Contractors in Florida & The US

One of the most crucial factors to the purchase of your heavy equipment is to decide if you will be leasing or financing this equipment. Most business owners will prefer a lease to avoid the hassle of owning equipment, and some businesses will prefer to finance equipment to fully own the equipment. A lease is somewhat similar to renting equipment. You make monthly payments until the end of the lease & determine if you would like to keep it or return it. Some leases do not show up on your balance sheet. When financing equipment through our equipment loan, this will in effect make you the owner of the equipment, and this will appear in your balance sheet. Whenever your business needs to lease or finance used or new construction equipment, BFC will provide the most affordable & flexible heavy equipment financing solution. Most asphalt contractors will ask themselves, where can I find finance or lease solutions for paving equipment? or smart paver financing services for good or bad credit ? The answer will always be Business Financial Consulting's heavy equipment financing & leasing for new & existing business owners.


Commercial Equipment Financing For New & Existing Business Owners: Cost & Terms for Your Contracting Business

Once your business has contacted our staff and you have been qualified of our heavy equipment financing solution, you can find the equipment from any vendor or seller & we will finance, it's that simple. The best thing about our equipment loan is that you will receive the most flexible & reliable terms & rates for your industry, time in business & credit. When looking for the most affordable & common-sense commercial equipment financing solution, BFC will be your most trusted & reliable partner regardless if you are looking for a company that will finance construction equipment or dump trucks with good or bad credit.

Financing or Leasing Amount

BFC is able to finance up to 100% of the cost of the equipment, helping your business keep cash flow reserves to a maximum. Depending on the amount of the transactions & other credit factors, the amount will vary from 50% to 100%. Having challenged credit, weak cash reserves and if you are financing an outdated piece of equipment, it's highly likely you will have to put a higher down payment.

Term Lengths

The repayment length for your heavy equipment financing will depend on the type of equipment your business needs. The average life-span of your finance agreement is around the projected lifespan of the equipment. The term very rarely will go above the useful life of the equipment.

Cost of Funds

Because your construction equipment serves as collateral, this allows us to take risks that other lenders are not willing to make. Generally speaking, heavy equipment financing rates are as low as 8% or as high as 28% for more challenged credit business applicants. We're able to offer 5-7% interest rates for qualified applicants who meet the required criteria. Other things that can affect your interest rate is your personal credit score, time in business, cash flow revenues, equipment, & down payment for the heavy equipment. The stronger the credit & cash flow volumes, the lower your interest rate will be.

Financing Speed

Heavy construction equipment financing is as fast as your business requires it to be. We do not have a long line of excessive documents or required collateral sign offs in order to issue an approval. BFC is able to provide equipment financing for heavy construction equipment up to $500,000 in as little as 2 business days as as much as 60M in as little as 2 weeks for qualified applicants. Make sure you have picked the heavy equipment before you contact BFC with all of your required documents.

Reliable Heavy Equipment Financing: Personal & Commercial Financial Documents Required

Did your business qualify for heavy equipment financing ? Awesome! Now you'll need to gather all of the necessary paperwork before completing the equipment financing process. Here are the documents that your business will need to apply for BFC commercial equipment financing solution:

- Driver's License

- Voided Check

- Financial Statements - Most Recent Bank Statements

- Business & Personal Tax Returns

- Equipment Quote

The amount of documents & paperwork that your business will have to submit will depend on the type of equipment you are looking to finance.


Where & How to Get Affordable Heavy Equipment Financing for Your Construction, Logging or Asphalt Contractor Business or Start Up?

If you've already decided the heavy equipment financing is the best solution to purchase your construction equipment, it's time to apply. BFC is helping business owners save time & money by offering a price-match guarantee for qualified business applicants. We're a small local equipment finance lender that offers financing for heavy construction equipment. If you do qualify, you should probably take it, since this is the most affordable option in the market.

Compact & Heavy Equipment Financing & Leasing Tax Benefits Secrets

Construction companies that finance heavy equipment receive several benefits that help your bottom line. 90% of corporations in the United States use this trick to save money at the end of the tax year. Make sure to find out how. much your contractor business can save by sung our Section 179C Tax Benefit Calculator. This allows business that finance or lease equipment to deduct the full cost of this equipment for up to $1 million in the year of purchase. The best part is that equipment will not be depreciated year after year, you will receive tax savings instead.

Used & New Equipment Financing: The Bottom Line For Your Business

This is all of the information your business needs to start the process of applying for heavy construction equipment financing. BFC has a long term client commitment promise, which means that we will help your business before, during & after the financing of your equipment. We love our customers & take great pride into helping your business grow.

The Following Services Are Offered Only In The US:

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Very happy with our new excavator!! We generally buy from wells fargo but I like working with BFC much more.. They have better customer service and specialize in financing construction equipment for start ups like me.. When you are in the market for an equipment loan or business equipment financing solution, BFC is your answer.. many contractors know them and enjoy working with them, that matters a lot.. They have helped thousands of small contractors in Florida and we appreciate it, I was working with another company before and they used BFC as well.. It is good to know that there is a company out there that work hard to help us grow. They can finance your excavator , dum…


These guys went above and beyond to our help our contracting drilling & construction business.. We had a few hiccups and needed a bobcat or john deere loader ASAP and did not know where to turn... Luckily a local contractor that i've worked with for years recommended BFC for an equipment loan or equipment financing service.. We filled the paperwork required and in 3 days we had our brand new bobcat skid steer loader and a used john deere excavator ready to go and get picked up.. I was hoping to make a purchase for construction equipment but not this year, we were able to receive all of the benefits and we look forward to continue working with the fo…


jessica martin
jessica martin
13 avr. 2020

Thanks for sharing !!


Tim Delayne
Tim Delayne
09 avr. 2020

I called about 5 equipment financing lenders and only BFC called me back after I mentioned I had a few issues with my credit cards in the past.. When I compared all of these options after 3-4 weeks of research, without a doubt, BFC has the best offer and benefits for equipment loans and equipment financing services. They were professional and worked fast to make sure that we had our equipment ready for our projects.. If you are a construction or logging contractor and are looking for an equipment loan or for a business equipment loan, BFC is your best option. I don't really put any reviews out there but I really wanted to share my experience with them, as…


i love my brand new john deere excavator !! I purchased 2 bobcat skid steer loaders with them last summer and I came back for more equipment needed for some jobs we have in Florida & Texas.. They were recommended by a friend and they did not let me down.. I did not expect that kind of service from an equipment financing lender to be honest, most of them are rude and not helpful.. On the other hand, these guys at BFC were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and actually did more than than the basics of helping us with our equipment loan. They explain everything and make sure that you are taking the right decision when it comes to receiving the…

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