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Smart Logging & Forestry Equipment Financing: Full Guide To Finance New & Used Equipment In The US

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

BFC is and will always be the smartest choice for logging & forestry business owners who are looking for the most competitive logging business equipment loan, commercial equipment financing & leasing solutions in Miami, Orlando, Destin, Naples, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Florida & The US.

Working in the logging industry requires plenty of cutting, skidding, on-site processing and loading of trees, logs into trucks. World demand for the logging equipment market is forecasted to increase 4.5% annually to 9.3 billion in 2019. Geographically, US and Canada together represent the largest logging equipment market, which was one third of the global product demand in 2014. The US will hold the largest increase in any logging equipment market in dollar value by 2019 according to projected forecasts. The economy is picking up and the logging industry has never had such a good future.

Business Financial Consulting knows how busy a logging equipment company could be, especially with bad reception in the site, that is why we created out online application as easy as possible for you, click here to apply. We understand how important your work is for the  economy, and we encourage you to inquire about our logging equipment loans, we work hard to provide the upmost professional service. The process is fast and easy to understand. Once you are approved for our logging equipment loans, we purchase the equipment and you will be leasing this from us, until paid in full. We also provide small business loans to purchase the equipment in cash, in which we would wire funds directly to your business account for your business expense. This great balance of serviceability, reliability, and convenience, allows thousands of logging businesses across the US to continue growing their logging equipment business.


How To Apply, Get Approved & Use For Funds When Looking For Logging Equipment Financing For Your Logging & Forestry Business:

Small Business Equipment Loan or our Commercial Equipment Financing & Leasing Solutions.

  • Purchasing New or Used Logging Equipment, Machinery, and Attachments

  • Growing or Upgrading Logging Equipment Fleet

  • Ability To Perform Logging Projects For Higher Productivity

  • Ability To Take On Larger Projects

  • New Service Requested From A Client

Important Tips For Logging, Forestry & Tre Trimming Business Owners Looking For Growth & The Most Competitive Business Equipment Loan & Equipment Financing Solution in Miami, Florida & The US.

  • There Is A High Increase In Demand For Forestry/Logging Products(Furniture, Cabins, Materials, etc)

  • Logging Equipment & Technology Allow For Faster Completion Of Projects

  • Without The Equipment, Winning Larger Contracts & Projects Will Seem Unachievable. 

Business Financial Consulting's application is quick, easy, and online as well for paperless options. We have an approval process that is made for logging business owners who my not have time to print and scan documents, our website allows you to create an account and include documents in your online logging equipment loan application.

How To Apply For Our Business Equipment Loan & Commercial Equipment Financing & Leasing Solutions With Little or No Time in Business

  • Quick Underwriting Approval Process(24-48 hours)

  • Same Day Business Funding

  • Customized Payment Terms For Seasonal Businesses

  • Credit Is Not An Issue

BFC provides logging business equipment loans to help you continue growing your business. We would love to hear from your current and upcoming projects. See why so many logging businesses across the US are choosing to working with us. Our Logging Equipment Loans & Small Business Loans are designed for your business. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about our logging equipment business loans or apply online.

Move your business to the next level with Business Financial Consulting and our experienced staff of loan officers. Our commercial business loans & commercial equipment business loans have helped thousands of companies across the U.S. to maintain and exceed consumer demands, in many industries. Call us and start working on your dreams! Every business will have a different business environment, however you will need an equally diverse financial institution that will be able to work with your specific situation. BFC can approve commercial equipment loans & financing for businesses for up to 60M for established and well qualified buyers across Florida and the US. We have been working with business owners since our inception as a company, and will continue to do so. When deciding which type of commercial equipment you will need for your business, it's equally as important to you should have your own financing to be able to go anywhere you want to purchase the machine that will fit your business needs at the time of your equipment purchase. Most business owners know what kind of equipment they are looking for and our job is to be able to provide your business with a competitive Commercial Business Loan, Commercial Equipment Loan or Commercial Factoring. It's always important to try to attach a business warranty to your commercial equipment in order to be protected in case of an equipment malfunction. For the most part, new equipment will include some sort of warranty from the manufacturer. We encourage you to reach out to one of our finance specialist to discuss your businesses specific needs. We are here to help your business grow to places it has not seen before, and as your most trusted business partner, we will be there all along the way. For more information please call 786 234 5433 or 855-303-8637 for information on our business financing loan and business equipment financing loan options.

The Following Services Are Only Offered In The Following States

Alabama, Alaska,  Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida,  Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana,  Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,  Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey,  New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania , Rhode Island,  South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.


Very happy with our new excavator!! We generally buy from wells fargo but I like working with BFC much more.. They have better customer service and specialize in financing construction equipment for start ups like me.. When you are in the market for an equipment loan or business equipment financing solution, BFC is your answer.. many contractors know them and enjoy working with them, that matters a lot.. They have helped thousands of small contractors in Florida and we appreciate it, I was working with another company before and they used BFC as well.. It is good to know that there is a company out there that work hard to help us grow. They can finance your excavator , dum…


These guys went above and beyond to our help our contracting drilling & construction business.. We had a few hiccups and needed a bobcat or john deere loader ASAP and did not know where to turn... Luckily a local contractor that i've worked with for years recommended BFC for an equipment loan or equipment financing service.. We filled the paperwork required and in 3 days we had our brand new bobcat skid steer loader and a used john deere excavator ready to go and get picked up.. I was hoping to make a purchase for construction equipment but not this year, we were able to receive all of the benefits and we look forward to continue working with the fo…


jessica martin
jessica martin
Apr 13, 2020

thank you for sharing !!


Tim Delayne
Tim Delayne
Apr 09, 2020

I called a few equipment financing companies and only BFC called me back after I mentioned I had a few issues with my credit cards in the past.. When I compared all of these options after 3-4 weeks of research, without a doubt, BFC has the best offer and benefits for equipment loans and equipment financing services. They were professional and worked fast to make sure that we had our equipment ready for our projects.. If you are a construction or logging contractor and are looking for an equipment loan or for a business equipment loan, BFC is your best option. I don't really put any reviews out there but I really wanted to share my experience with them, as…


Our construction and oil drilling contractor company was in a pickle and nobody was lending money during the coronavirus pandemic, this company took care of our loan application and we received our equipment loan in 2 days from when we applied. We do not have the best credit, but our company is solid and we have been growing our construction equipment and oil drilling capabilities.. I have heard about them being top notch in the equipment financing or equipment loan industry, and they were right ! Our construction equipment financing application took minutes, we had all of our paperwork ready as we were declined by Wells Fargo and Chase.. The best part is that the entire process was online and…

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